Module replacement – Easy Click

Module replacement – with Rotreat “EASY CLICK” product

Replace or renew your DT interior module, or any other 8 inch DT module with ROTREAT RCDT replacement module called “EASY CLICK”
EASY CLICK is a ROTREAT patent  for an easy way to exchange interior of 8 inch DT modules directly on site by the customer’s own work force.
Basic pros:
  • Save up to 50% of costs compared to standard DT module
  • Quick availabilty of the EASY CLICK exchange modules
  • The customer gets the EASY CLICK Modul ready for assembling, including “How-to-do”-Instructions
  • Less weight – less transport costs
  • Membrane area from 7 – 12 m² per module available

How to replace your DT module interior: