Milestone of Rotreat

1993: Exclusive Distributor of DT module products for Austria

1999: Market leader in Austria with 16 installed leachate DT systems

2001: RCDT 1.0 disc, 65bar + 120bar, 7,6m² membrane area/module

2006: Launching RCDT 1.0 XL module with 9,6m² membrane area

2007: 90 bar operation standard pressure of any RCDT module

2008: Launching „Easy Click“ for exchange of modules

2011: Launching RCDT 1.0 XXL module with 11,5m² membrane area

2012: ROTREAT INDIA founded

2013: 20th Anniversary

2014: Merge with Crystal Clear Membrane Services

2015: Launching RCDT 2.0 disc and round shape membranes