ROTREAT your reliable partner since 1993 for manufacturing:

  • Landfill leachate treatment systems


  • Industrial waste water treatment systems.


The RCDT technology is successfully purifying/treating worldwide following waste waters:

Landfill Leachate:  6.400m³/d

Industrial Waste Waters:  5.800m³/d


Main applications:


 600 mc- 2 stage-90 bar an HP 120 bar RCDT DTRO module Rotreat disc tube module system
Process Developement
  • Various membrane and module testing
  • Process analysis regarding fluctuations and flow rate
  • Tailor made systems to suit individual applications
  • Turn key installations
Plant & process audits
Problems with membrane filtration systems can result in downtime and lost profits. ROTREAT brings decades of experience and knowledge to your plant to help optimize existing systems and troubleshoot your membrane units. We will issue a comprehensive confidential report including a complete review of your operation, with recommendations for improvements and changes if necessary that will keep your membrane systems operating at peak performance.
System retrofits
Rotreat filtration’s complete service can give you the fastest and most efficient solution for retrofitting an existing system. Our service team of technical specialists will evaluate your needs, assess your concerns and make recommendations tailored to your particular requirements. This team approach assures a high level of customer satisfaction.
It is our dedication to customer service that sets us apart from competition. Our dedicated service teams focus on customer problems and find effective solutions so that every customer is satisfied – every time.